Sunday, 25 June 2017

Grand Roques

Hello again,

So my second challenge to solve as a CSI special investigator is case file 232.
This challenge with its outdoorsy theme lent itself well to the photo of my two girls on our first visit to Guernsey. 

In 2007, we were given the opportunity to relocate to the little island of Guernsey....a place I never knew existed. During the school holidays, we took the kids on a week long visit before we made the final decision to move. 

Coming from the city life of London it was refreshing to be able to walk in nature and take in the sights of sea, sand and cliffs. We all loved it and it was such an amazing sight to see the girls wander over the rocks....

Our decision was made...and we lived there for the next 5 years. And the two girls in the photo still live today...adventure turned life changer for them.

The Evidence:
I normally don't use wooden backgrounds in my scrapbooking, but this time I thought I'd push beyond my comfort zone and use the one wooded floor design page from my stash. I included wooden heart pieces, foliage, labels, enamel dots. I created a pocket and stitched around it...even though my stitching is a bit 'not straight'...😂

I added a stitched 'faux' leather belt and fastened with a buckle. 

I used a honeycomb mesh stencil to add some dimensional paste to the background.

The CSI challenges are always fascinating to me...and this one is no different...always thoroughly enjoyable. You too can have a go at solving the challenges. Just visit CSI blog where you can find monthly challenges and inspiration too. 

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will see some of your designs.

Take care

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Queen of my Heart

Hello again,

Well, this month is very special for me....

Firstly, I was selected as a guest designer or 'special investigator' for I'm very excited about that....yay!

Secondly, the major case file this month is all about everyday super heroes which is perfect since my super hero celebrates her 79th birthday today (11 June)...

So when I read the testimony prompt to consider my super power....I immediately thought about my mum. She is the real super hero in my story. It's because of her love, sacrifice, tough discipline and spiritual guidance that I am who I am today. She has given me everything I needed to bring me to this point. And when I think of all the efforts she has made for every one of her children and grandchildren, she is more than a wonder mamma to me...she's the queen of my heart and all time hero!

She is the strongest woman I know, both emotionally and spiritually. She will give of her last in order to assist others, she's always putting the needs of others ahead of her own which, if I'm honest, sometimes makes me mad because there are some who take advantage of her generosity and kindness.

But like she always says, 'I came into this world with nothing and I will leave with nothing!'
So you can see....she's strong willed as well....she knows who she is, what's important to her and can make you pee yourself with laughter sometimes....especially when she tickles you to the point of no return...

And so today, I want to honour her for the woman she is and always has been, I share my take on the major case file 231...
Happy birthday mum!

Evidence & Testimony: 
First, I flipped the sketch. Then started on a white background and included all five colours in various forms from paint splotches, coloured card stock and decorative papers to embellishments. Some papers sporting starbursts and stripes. 

I journaled in a speech bubble and used punctuation marks and stars as decorative elements on the page. My puffy stickers included a crown above the Q of the title and the hearts. I finished off the page with some stitching because she's a seamstress and always loves to sew....

I really enjoyed creating this was so thought provoking...
Thank you CSI for the challenge...

Thanks for stopping by to share in my meraki moments...

Take care